Tushar Bhatia resume (PDF)

I love software. I'm currently in my third year of Software Engineering at The University of Sydney, Australia.


Cool Projects

  • Built CareerStart.com.au, a job platform which helps Australian uni students find internships.

Last updated 3/08/2014

Work and Education

  • Working part time as a Python developer at Recompute.
  • Studying Software Engineering full time at The University of Sydney, Australia.

Last updated 3/08/2014

Fun Things On The Side

  • I've recently started to contribute to the Django project and Mozilla Alert Manager. You can checkout my contributions on my Github profile: tb123. I'm really excited about this.
  • I'm exploring Node.js, MongoDB and Go.
  • Building this website and drafting some technical blog posts related to my experiences with technology.
  • I love Vim, but I like trying out new things, so I'm giving Atom a go.
  • Reading way too much Hacker News.

Last updated 3/08/2014